we were mesmerized by the lull of the night

5 November
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.I am.

19 years old. Funny, open-minded, crazy, spontaneous, can be a real stickler sometimes. An all-around good student. Have been called a "maverick". Passionate. A singer and writer, and usually eager reader. Loving. Rather irrational at times.

.I like.

Reading, writing, singing, acting. Hanging out with friends. Making icons and banners in Photoshop :). Making presents. Surprises. TV (too much for my own good). Spending time with my family. Usually studying, I'm a boffin ;). Music; it's my life. Poetry. Making a fool of myself. Laughing until it hurts.

.My favourites.

Sarah McLachlan. Joss Stone. The Dixie Chicks. Carlos Santana. Aqualung. U2. Goo Goo Dolls. Lifehouse. Joni Mitchell. Aretha. Idina Menzel. The Corrs. Simon Cowell. Tim Roth. Hugh Jackman. Adrien Brody. Chris Noth. Colin Firth. Gary Oldman. Famke Janssen. Hilary Swank. Maura Tierney. Nicole Kidman. Kelli Williams. Penelope Cruz. Audrey Tautou. Friends. Lie to Me. American Idol. Grey's Anatomy. ER. Pride and Prejudice. Jane Austen. Wuthering Heights. To Kill a Mockingbird. Roald Dahl. William Wordsworth. Percy Bysshe Shelley. Robert Frost. Maya Angelou. William Shakespeare. Dulce Et Decorum Est. Glee.

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